by Steeve Rock

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This is the story of human's inner evil that awakes, grows and take over the world


released March 21, 2013


all rights reserved



Silenced Québec, Québec

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Track Name: Silenced

Is all my brain perceives
Echoes of my own screams
Are running back to my ears
The noisy sound of a sore throat
Is filling the air
Lamps dropping from the ceiling
Are lightening the place

Nothing is perceptible
Eyes blinded
Abyssal silence
My breath is freezing as soon out
Scream brakes silence
My mind is filed with images
Unclear and fucked up
I see people
All around me
They are all talking
They look at me
Trying to reach 'em
They’re fading away
Dead corpse is lying on the ground
Looks like me
Breathing hard
Track Name: Steeve ROck - The Awakening
The awakening

Awaken by a grinding noise,
In the cold moisture of the deep

Smashing sounds of droplets strikes my ears
Louder and louder, headache with no choice
Reality seems to come back from far away
No lights, no life only shadows
Shadows from nowhere
Can’t feel my body parts, like iced up
What, where, who am I?
Trying to stand up
Feeling petrified
Can’t move properly
No answer from my legs
No answer from my arms
My brains only works
Hearing my body falling and hitting the ground
But don’t perceive any pain
Is this no more than a dream?
A nightmare…
Finally up on my fainted legs
Hardly staggering in unknown area
To the far away brightness
A small spotlight that seems so far away
Walls seem to turn all around myself
Imprecise sounds are loading my ears
Fuckin' up my mind,

I keep moving forward
Heading for what appears to be
an escape access
Hoping answers…
Hoping…. answers…
Track Name: Strange New World
Strange new world

Behind those doors
My world collapses
Everything before known
Crumbles at my feet
Previous non-sense
Does not make sense out here
Silence suddenly broken
Confused, my ears and eyes are
A new world showing its face

Moving lights staring at me
A new world like nothing before seen
New life, new people, new universe

Colors everywhere
The entire world is moving
Noises come out of everything
Still hoping answers
Hoping a sense to come
Lighting a futile life

No souvenir of anything before
Touches my mind
Darkness of my psyche
Opposes the lights I see
Clear and confused

This new world seems to offer
Countless choices, Masses of challenges
Profusion creates confusion
Each one is different
Nobody talks, running their ways
Anti-social society
Answers to my questions
Will you feed me with…
Track Name: The Oracle
The Oracle

While confusion’s fading away
And fog becomes shapes
Obviously clear and contrasting others
Standing straight and confident
A black silhouette emerges from the lights
Still far away in the crowd
observing my very actions
Moving forward
On its path I seem to be

Suddenly feeling frozen
And uncomfortable
Looking right
Looking left
Searching an issue
to drift away from this unknown
Running to escape from
what seems to be an enemy
Blinded by lights
And haunted by fear
Dazed by that world’s noise
Feeling Looked and chased
Still running
to a safe area
The black silhouette sticks to my back
Pursuing me as a prey

My heart is knocking
as a pile driver
Giving me headache,
Making my sight blurs
My heart is knocking
My ears are buzzing
My sight is blurring
My mind caves in

Voices in my head
speaking strange language
it's surely a nightmare
that my life became
Voices in my heeeeeaaaaaaad .....
Track Name: The Foretold
The Foretold

Straight upward
On a Heightened stele
Feeling like I'm reading a book
Where everyone
Goes for himself
Crushing what opposes his path

they all stare at me
Like an icon of a new era
As I speak,
no one moves
wisdom from my speech

my speech is composed of a strange dialect
that I can’t understand
nonetheless everyone seems to follow
the flow of words that goes from my mouth
worshiping my very words
consuming my sentences
mindless actors of a bizarre world
on which I seem to have control

weirder and weirder my life is getting
will i survive that nightmare that seems too much real

I feel like the messiah they always awaited
For i am nobody
Nobody that could help them
In the path they have chosen
Right now
High on my stele
I can only step back and look
The desolation offered to me

Ravaged world of ravaged soul
Served as all you can eat buffet
Is feeding my soul
And strengthening me
Their own hatred against themselves
Is giving me forces
To take that world over
And make it my Kingdom

I am the Foretold!
Track Name: A New Era
A new Era
Now feeling home / everything here makes sens
Meant to be here / and lead here by disciples
Unconciously, this world has awaited my venue
To get them even deeper in their hell
This hell built by their faith in god
And a lack of self confidence
Bestowing their destiny
To an unquestioned antity
Blind followers of hypocrisy
Puppets working for an after life
Wasting their living for a salvation
From the hell they dressed for me
Now arose, my true power I can unleash
Burning everything here
And build my empire on its ashes
My days of glory approach
Stronger I became
Crushing everything here
My destiny I will achieve
Realising the power I have
My destiny fulfill I will
Rule the world I can
Rule the world I will
Implanting hatred in every single being
Unnoticed my work will be
Ambitious and divided
They’ll become
Killing each other for their own sake
No matter the way
Having only one goal in mind
Being the greatest
Increasing my strength
Their quest for power will
Every dead soul
Will nourish my greatness

Tear it down to nothing
This strange new world I will
Getting its inhabitants at my feet
Without a single one of them knowing!

Burning every last human on earth
Sterilized and neat it will be, it will be!!
Satan I am!!!

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